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Bachkovo Monastery is the second largest and most important Bulgarian monastery

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One day trip to Bachkovo Monastery

The Bachkovo Monastery is about 185 km away from Sofia. The time to travel from Sofia to Rila Monastery is approximately an two hours and 15 minutes.

The one-day trip from Sofia to the Bachkovo Monastery includes a trip in both directions, a visit to the monastery and, if desired, we will take the time to enjoy a delicious lunch at the waterfall restaurant.

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About Bachkovo Monastery

The second largest Bulgarian monastery, Bachkovo cloister, lies in the valley of Chepelare river (also known by the locals as Chaya), about 10 kilometers south from Asenovgrad. The monastery is surrounded by the hills of the mountains, which together with its size and antiquity make it one of the most visited in Bulgaria. Unfortunately only two-storey ossuary, which is located about 300 meters from the present monastic complex was preserved from the very inception until today. Ossuary is a unique historical site which is worth visiting for its ancient mural paintings, which rank among the most valuable works of Orthodox art from 11th-12th century.

Although Bachkovski monastery survived the initial invasion of the Turkish army, and later followed the fate of most other Orthodox monasteries in our land, and was plundered and destroyed. It was restored at the end of the 15th century, rebuilt in the dining room is 1601g. And preserved the Virgin Mary Church was completed in 1604g. The frescoes on the dining room, painted by an unknown hand in 1605g. Are remarkable for their artistic value. Church, for its part, also teeming with beautiful paintings, but what mostly attracts visitors is Bogodoritsa icon, which is believed to be miraculous. Long line of worshipers who came here to pray to the miraculous icon of Virgin Mary, you are usually far in front of the church.

The monastery was founded in 1083. from the Byzantine military commander of Georgian origin Grigorii Bakuriani Abaziy and his brother.

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