MATO offers one-day excursions to Rila Monastery, Plovdiv, Bachkovo Monastery and Koprivshtitsa with comfortable cars of different classes: standart, bussines, minibus etc. We are committed not only to visits to monasteries and cities, but also to the calm and comfort of our customers.

Day Trips

The Rila Monastery is about 124 km away from Sofia. The one-day trip from Sofia to the Rila Monastery includes a trip in both directions, a visit to the monastery and, if desired, we will take the time to enjoy a delicious lunch at the riverside restaurants.

 Rila monastery monastery is located in Southwestern Bulgaria, Kyustendil, Rila municipality. It was founded in the 10th century by St. Ivan Rilski, in the upper reaches of Rila River. Rila Monastery is one of the cultural monuments in Bulgaria included in the UNESCO World Heritage List.

Bachkovo Monasteryis located about 165 km from Sofia. One-day tour from Sofia to Bachkovo Monastery necessary travel about 150 minutes in each direction.After a visit to the Bachkovo Monastery in your will offer a short break for lunch at a restaurant located on road to the monastery.

Bachkovo Monastery is the second largest after the Bulgarian Rila Monastery. Bachkovo Stauropegic located in the valley of Chepelare (also known as local residents, Chaya), about 10 kilometers south from Asenovgrad. The monastery is surrounded by hills, which, together with its size and antiquity make it one of the most visited in Bulgaria. Complex and its environs have become a developed tourist destination with many shops, stalls and restaurants, the path to the monastery. That’s set to sell almost everything that grows or is produced in the Rhodope Mountains – rare herbs, wild fruit jams, goats and buffalo milk yogurt and cheese, blankets Rodopi.

Koprivshtitsa is situated in the mountainous region. Located in the picturesque valley along the river in the heart of the forest Topolnitsa central. It is located 16 km from the south of the mountain road, 110 km from Sofia, 24 km from Pirdop, 24 km from Strelcha and 90 – from Plovdiv. A one-day trip from Sofia to Koprivshtitsa, if desired, we will spend lunch time in a traditional Bulgarian restaurant.

The highest town in Bulgaria, with a pronounced continental climate of the mountains. The winter period in connection with the typical flow of air masses from the south is mild and sunny, with thick snow, and cool in summer and fresh thanks to a great height ordinary course of years a resident of the North, given the high slopes of the Stara Planina.

Plovdiv is the second largest city in Bulgaria is located 150 km from the capital Sofia. Famous monuments of culture, ancient theater, numerous art galleries and the International Art Fair, he is one of the sites visited.

Incredible spirit of the city not only because of the numerous antiquities, but also well constructed and maintained in the city center. The combination in Plovdiv city between the old town, renovated buildings and modern shops gives you the feeling that this is the place where you can find everything you need. One day tour from Sofia to Plovdiv includes travel around 80 – 90 minutes each way depending on traffic and weather conditions.Walk in the old city of Plovdiv city center and the rest for lunch if desired.