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Velingrad is located in the Western Rhodopes. Near Rakitovo.

Legends say that in these lands ever lived Orpheus. Legends claim that the Rhodope region is given titanic force of Spartacus – the leader of the slave revolt in ancient Rome.

The city has a mountain climate. Located in the European continental climatic region on the border with continental-Mediterranean area. Summer is cool and short and the winter – soft and long. Rainfall is relatively low. During spring and early summer were more abundant in late summer and autumn is dry. Snowfall is sufficient snow cover is long (150 days). Snow is thick and stable.

Velingrad are concentrated among the richest in Bulgaria hydrothermal deposits. Mineral springs (80 in number), the mild climate and beautiful scenery are the greatest wealth of the city. Velingrad is one of the biggest spa resorts in Bulgaria and is known as’ spa capital of Bulgaria. “There are many sanatoriums, clinics, spas and modern hotels.

Among the most remarkable, romantic and mysterious corners of the spring Kleptuza Velingrad is a self-titled park with two lakes is a symbol of the city. It is located in the Chepino, which is one of the three thermal zones in Velingrad. Kleptuza is the largest karst spring in the country, every second of it rises up to 1200 liters of cold water. Large quantities of the water used for drinking purposes, the other part of the water forms two lakes, which then flow into the river Chepinska but it – in Maritsa and the Aegean Sea. Of karst spring extends south evergreen pine forests converted into a natural park which is visited by residents of the resort and its guests, especially during the summer.

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