One day tours from Sofia to Rila Monastery


Tour from Sofia to Rila Monastery

Rila Monastery is located at 1,147 m above sea level, fragrant pine forests of the Rila Mountain. Rila Monastery was founded in the 30-Xc years. to replace the old recluse in the mountains of Rila. During its existence the monastery was rebuilt several times, destroyed and rebuilt. Rila monastery acquired its present appearance in the middle of last century. This is the largest and most respected Bulgarian monastery. Rila Monastery is one of the most important cultural monuments in Bulgaria, the symbol of Bulgaria, included in UNESCO World Heritage List.

This monastery is situated near the village Padala – not far from their original base. It runs along the river Rila. This is the largest monastery in Bulgaria – 5 floors, visible as well as 4 of them.




Рилски манастир

This feature of the building due to restrictions imposed by the authorities of the Ottoman Empire in 1834, when the current structure. On the first floor of the museum. In the monastery’s refectory is cooked for the monks.

Monastery of St. Ivan Rilski “is built on the site of an old recluse in the 927-941 Ivan Rilski (or, as some writers of his students) in the Rila Mountains. In the courtyard of the monastery was built in 1335 defense tower and a small one-nave local feudal protosevast Hrelja. Tower is the oldest extant building in the monastery complex and belongs to the architectural style Tarnovo Art School.

Currently, the ensemble of the monastery includes the area of 8800 square meters, of which 5500 square meters of built area. The monastery was built wings at different times of 4 and 5 floors, surrounded on all sides only a yard in the shape of an irregular pentagon.

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