One day tours from Sofia to Plovdiv

Tour from Sofia to Plovdiv

Plovdiv is one of the oldest cities in Europe. Historians believe it was a contemporary of Troy and is even older than Rome and Athens. It is located in the central part of Bulgaria in the field, about 30 kilometers from the foot of the majestic Rhodope Mountains. Beautiful city and determine its specific climate – sultry summer with frozen, nepomradvasht air and burning heat and mild winter, almost no snow.



In IV in BC Philip of Macedonia conquered the city, built a fortified wall and he baptizes himself – Philippopolis. But after the death of his son and returned Thracians rebel power over the city. Over the next several centuries Philippopolis was destroyed and several times after the attacks of obustoshavan Celts, Goths and Huns. Asymmetrical houses typical of the mountain villages with an open porch is no longer satisfied the aesthetic requirements of wealthy people and they began to build their homes on the new model, decorated them with frescoes and ornaments and furnishing them with a variety of fine items. Thus a unique style of Plovdiv Revival house, a beautiful combination of Western and Oriental influence. Many houses are authentically preserved and most of them now housing museums and galleries. Be sure to view the Balabanov House, the house of Stepan Hindlian, Hadji Dragan Kaloferetsa, Artin Gidikov, George Mavridi, Furnadjiev house, the house of Hadji Vlasaki Chohadzhiyata, Danchov house and many other.

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