One day tour from Sofia to Koprivshtitsa

Tour from sofia to Koprivshtitsa

Situated at 1030 meters altitude, the city has expressed a continental mountain climate. Winter is cold but sunny (- 4.0 ? C temperature during the coldest month of January), with thick snow, while summer is cool and fresh (16.7 ? C temperature in the warmest month of August) due to high altitude usual summer Local north course, comes on the river Topolnitsa the high slopes of Stara Planina.

Due to favorable natural conditions, near the old one is settled with his family herds – the so-called “County.” They started the new settlement. By increasing the number of people in County houses grew and formed small domestic communities. Almost each of the relatives received a nickname – Tihanek, Kozlek, Duplek, Lomek for specific features, activities and events associated with it. From there came the names of the newly created neighborhoods, some family names remained until today.



Another legend tells of a young woman, who settled at the Koprivshtitsa today as the area and it seemed suitable for livestock rearing. Shortly after arriving, she gone to Adrianople (modern Turkey), which ask for the Sultan’s decree, which became ruler of Koprivshtitsa village received a great privilege. In this first decree, the Sultan called Koprivshtitsa Avratalan – female meadow “, a name which is then often used by the Turks.


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